Before After
  • An old leaking filling [ note the grey halo around the edge of the filling ]. Also note the cracks developing in the tooth structure. A new white filling placed in the office in one appointment. Leakage is gone / cracks are gone, and the patient is happy that it looks so good !! 
  • Large cavity with the back part of the tooth broken off below the gum line. A large white filling is placed to re-establish the shape of the tooth. Speacial lazer treatment was needed to recontour the gum at the back of the tooth to allow us to get to the end point of the tooth fracture.  
  • .An old silver filling that is starting to separate from the tooth. This will cause these remaining pieces of tooth structure to fracture off. Patient decides to place a new gold crown on the tooth. 
  • An old, leaking filling has created stress fractures in this tooth. The filling is replaced, and fractures repaired through the placement of a bonded white filling. 
  • The old style silver fillings often created areas of stress within the tooth structure. This often resulted in fracture lines being produced [ as is evident in this picture ]. In many instances this is easily corrected with the placement of a bonded white filling.