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Composite Fillings in North Edmonton

Composite Fillings in North Edmonton

White fillings are created to blend in seamlessly with your teeth' color. These fillings prevent cavities from getting bigger or causing permanent damage to your teeth.

The remarkable advancement of dental fillings

A popular and easy treatment that does more than save your teeth from decay or infection; it also makes them look healthier. Composite resin fillings are one of the most commonly used fillers. Unlike metal fillings, resin fillings and made of materials that can be customized to match the shade of your tooth, giving a more natural look, and hardly getting noticed.

What are the benefits of composite fillings?

Treating your cavities as soon as they appear is crucial to prevent dental issues from erupting. Composite resin fillings are the perfect solution to shore up your tooth, as they have high durability and resistance to fracture. Compared to their classic counterpart, composite resin fillings are less invasive as they don’t require teeth removal, making your smile look more natural.

Composite filling procedure

A numbing medication (freezing)Before the dentist begins, they will numb your gums, teeth, and the surrounding area with an anesthetic. This method will help prevent pain and lessen discomfort during the procedure.

Decay removal

The next step is to drill out the decayed areas. It should only take a few minutes, and you may experience some mild pressure.

Filling the tooth

The dentist will now repair the tooth with a composite filling. The filling will be molded to ensure a perfect fit for the cavity. An adhesive gel will apply composite filling in layers to fill the hole.

Curing the composite “photo-polymerization.”

Ultraviolet light will be used to cure the filling in place. This will harden the filling layers and effectively restore your tooth’s function.

The Cost of a Filling in North Edmonton

Fillings are an effective dental procedure to prevent further damage to the teeth. Many insurance providers prefer to cover low-cost work over more significant future repair work. Depending on your insurance plan, you can expect to pay to zero up to $100+. Without insurance, it may cost between $130-$400+, and you might add up more if multiple teeth need fillings. Factors Affecting the Cost of Composite Filling
  • The condition of your teeth.
  • Location of the cavity in the mouth.
  • Number of surfaces to be filled.
  • Any special needs like x-rays.
  • Time consumed on the procedure.
Getting fillings when needed is the best defense against future problems, both in alleviating discomfort and preserving overall health. In our company, the dental health and well-being of our patients are our priority. Thus, we take care of cavities as soon as possible. A dentist will help you choose the optimal course that fits your needs.

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