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Teeth Cleaning in North Edmonton

Teeth Cleanings in North Edmonton

Receiving a teeth cleaning may be an excellent approach to guarantee that teeth remain healthy and no significant oral health issues arise with the teeth and supporting structures.

Take Care Of Your Teeth And Gums

Routine teeth cleaning and check-ups are one of the most important things you can take to protect your oral health, which includes not just your teeth but also your gums and the rest of your mouth- inside and out. During the cleaning process, plaque, tartar, and germs will be eliminated. A hygienist can reach parts of the mouth that are difficult to reach with regular brushing and flossing. The hygienist and dentist can monitor your dental health and identify issues that may be treated or prevented before they become painful and costly.

Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning

  • Removes plaque.
  • Prevents tartar build-up.
  • Reduces terrible breath.
  • Prevent cavities and gum disease.
  • Eliminate coffee, tea, or other stains on the teeth.

The Process Of Teeth Cleaning

Physical Exam

A dental hygienist will initially evaluate the whole mouth before cleaning the teeth. The hygienist will use a mirror to examine your gums and teeth for symptoms of gum disease or other dental concerns. A hygienist may ask you if you have any dental problems during this check.

Plaque & Tartar Removal

A dental hygienist will use the mirror to remove tartar and plaque from tooth surfaces using a portable instrument (scaler). A hygienist may use a hand scaler to remove minor tartar deposits.


After tartar and plaque are removed, the teeth are polished to eliminate any leftover stains. The hygienist uses a high-powered toothbrush and special gritty toothpaste.

Final Examination

After cleaning your teeth, your dentist may want to undertake a final exam. This phase involves checking your tooth alignment, grinding concerns, and gum disease. The dentist will also examine your digital X-rays for any other issues with your teeth.

Cost Of Teeth Cleaning In North Edmonton

Routine examinations and cleanings are an effective way to prevent and avoid dental issues. Usually, insurance companies would cover the cost of treatment, but if you do not have dental insurance, you should budget between $170 and $400.
  • The condition of your teeth.
  • Type of cleaning required.
  • The amount of tartar/plaque on your teeth.
  • The need for any additional X-rays.
All dentists highly recommend professional teeth cleaning after every six months. If you have never had your teeth professionally cleaned at a dentist’s office, make an appointment right away.

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